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Teach you spend the least money, buy the most practical bathroom cabinet

Addtime:2016-07-11 Jieente
Bathroom cabinet bathroom renovation as essential furniture, selecting it for many of my friends is a problem, buy a home will be found in a variety of problems, such as humidity cause wood panels tilt bathroom cabinets and so on. Below small brief bathroom cabinet selection.
A water repellent
Bathroom cabinet object is set in the bathroom, so be sure to carefully review their water resistance. Bathroom high temperature, large water vapor, if water is not high, the service life of the bathroom cabinet that there will be no guarantee.
Therefore, the choice of bathroom cabinet, we must look at the material, if the material does not pass, then do not consider them. Currently on the market common bathroom cabinets are made of solid wood, rigid PVC plate, etc., we have to carefully, as appropriate choice, oh.
Second, health considerations
When purchasing products to improve health awareness and sensitivity. To know autogenous bathroom humidity, high temperature, which is what the bacteria like environment; the slightest mistake, it will generate a lot of bacteria, thereby affecting our health; and in this case, the bathroom cabinets are easy to mold, affecting the appearance .
In addition, consider the bathroom materials such as formaldehyde problem. Some bathroom cabinets and failed, it did not meet the requirements of the indicators of the country, this bathroom cabinet in our body will cause some harm.
So we buy carefully review identified a series of line with national requirements are complete, multi-layer protection.
Third, the brand choice
Select bathroom cabinet, we recommend using more well-known brands. Because the bathroom cabinet environment more "bad", which is the performance of the bathroom cabinet is a severe test. If the product confusion, prone to fraud. The big brand manufacturers of selection and production process with strict requirements, unknown brand compared to their quality and allow our trust.
Bathroom cabinet above with respect to the purchase of this small series to introduce the above knowledge we want to buy bathroom cabinets can provide modest role.

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