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Earth Day concerns the toilet water - saving problem

Addtime:2016-12-24 Jieente
The consumption of water consumption has caused a lot of people's attention again, and we used to flush toilet action every day on the water resources have been a great waste. According to media reports, the national flush toilet each year washed away 9 billion cubic meters of water, equivalent to nine West Lake, two Taihu Lake!

I believe many people have doubts, toilet water-saving at the same time will not affect the sewage capacity? Most businesses are unable to get a third party on the water, erosion and other test reports, Xiao Bian teach you how to buy a better quality water-saving toilets.

For the toilet, the water quality of a direct impact on the life of the toilet, so when buying more attention: high-quality toilet flushing water can instantaneous, and the erosion intensity, and poor toilet flushing time is long, the intensity is not enough , The need to wash the second time, to a certain extent, is a waste of water resources. We can wash the scene in the experiment, listen to distinguish whether the scouring time is short, the sound is crisp, to determine the quality of the toilet is good or bad.

Toilet sewage capacity and the size of the pipe diameter has a direct correlation, the greater the caliber of the sewage pipe the better, so when the purchase, if the site conditions permit, you can spot sewage capacity: in the toilet into the 100 resin Small ball, a flush, the toilet remaining 15 below the ball is qualified.

Toilet flushing capacity and the glaze inside the toilet and the smooth degree of the purchase, need to check the internal glazed toilet is smooth, with or without glitches. The more smooth the toilet glaze, the more smooth when washed, the better the cleaning ability; the other hand, the flushing capacity is not high, need to be washed several times, but also because of residual dirt inside the toilet moldy smelly, sanitary sanitary conditions .

Want to really protect water resources, in addition to daily life attention to water, the need to select the toilet. The name of the market under the banner of the number of toilets are numerous, be sure to pay attention to the above-mentioned selection of water-saving toilets skills, in order to ensure the purchase of water-saving and practical toilet.

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