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Have to look at the decoration and attention to detail

Addtime:2016-12-24 Jieente
Home decoration is a time-consuming and laborious things, home decoration can be described as a major event, can not be taken lightly, in addition to the overall design and construction, there is the details of the decoration, the details can truly reflect the success of a home improvement, so We have to do a good job of preparation, so that the decoration near the perfect.
 Then and Xiaobian together to understand the 20 decoration notes and details.
  First, pay attention to the slope of the bed, if the first low-foot high certain discomfort, and you actually do not feel these uncomfortable before use. It is recommended to use a level gauge when installing the bed and mattress.
 Second, the absolute absolute profits luminaire, my lamp DIY installation, so you can feel at ease selection, so the total can buy very cheap lamps. Cheap lamps can not be bought in the same house, avoid a fancy buy a set!
  Third, the ground if there are old sewers, in addition to the ground when the damage is often destroyed, do not hesitate to lay the new, do not save, in order to safety.
   Fourth, buy the material must first calculate the approximate amount of their own. Buy waterway material when thinking about anyway after doing a good job in the end of the water road map with the number of materials out of the circuit itself in advance of the detailed calculation of the material, the calculation results and the requirements of the foreman after comparison.
   Fifth, the bathroom wall that kind of invagination of the object space do not abandoned, paste a good tile with a very beautiful. Of course, tile workers think that trouble to say "ugly", "now is not popular", Oh, do not be fooled, he wanted to be lazy.
  6, aluminum-plastic pipe installed when the closure of the cement must be in the presence of workers to monitor the construction standards in accordance with the provisions of the expansion of hot water space reserved. In short the aluminum-plastic tube sealing strong, loose some but good.
  Seven, aluminum buckle plate is not necessary to buy high prices, very cheap aluminum plate has been far better than the effect of PVC, and more money can not see a significant difference in effect.

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