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Join cooperation conditions

1, A certain place of business, and its business objectives to adapt to the storage facilities.
2, A certain amount of operating funds (1.5 million yuan in large cities dealers, provincial market dealers more than 1 million yuan, 500,000 yuan above the level of market dealers).
3, There are companies operating products needed office settings.
4, To pay a certain margin (large city dealers 15-20 million or more, the provincial market dealers more than 100,000 yuan, the market-level dealers 50,000 yuan or more).
5, Must be equipped with certain operational staff, after-sales service personnel, shopping guide staff.
6, Must set up a store, as a distributor and consumer products company's platform
(Mega-city dealers more than 120 square meters, the provincial-level dealers more than 80 square meters, the prefecture-level market dealers more than 60 square meters).
7, Must be in the vicinity of the place of business or traffic concentration of the lot, into a certain outdoor advertising.

The company is a production, development, sales in one of the specialized ceramic enterprises.
The company introduced the world's leading furnace production technology and equipment, absorbing the domestic senior professionals ... ...

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